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Lu Peez

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As a new voice coming out of Pittsburg, California, Lu Peez has established himself as a torchbearer for the style of hip-hop pioneered by Bay Area Greats. In Peez’s music, soulful samples and harmonious choruses are intertwined with edgy lyrics and a passionate delivery. Throughout his musical career, which started in 2010, Peez has been acknowledged by some of the industry greats, opening on stage for Gucci Mane, The Jacka; and Mistah Fab among others. Making his TV appearance on BET’s Freestyle Fridays, Lu Peez demonstrated his talent for improvisation . Over his four projects, one official album and three street records, Lu Peez has shown his dedication to his musical career! Going forward, Lu Peez is determined to keep telling his story one song at a time.


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