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Saint Chri

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Formerly known as Christo. Saint Chri, Originally from the Bay Area, drew inspiration from the flavorful culture and prominent sound when creating his own work as an independent artist in the industry. Using his innovative sound and inventive persona, Saint Chri continues to make immense strides in music proving himself to be the next big artist from the Bay Area/Northern California region.   

 As a child, Saint Chri has always been deeply interested in music, borrowing over 100 different CD’s from his best friend in the 5th Grade as his love for Hip-Hop began to emerge. Dedicated to his art, Saint Chri began releasing music in high school at the young age of 17 and has been working nonstop ever since. After collaborating with Nef the Pharaoh to create the West Coast revival track, “We Ballin,” Saint Chri caught the eye of HotNewHipHop, where they featured him in their Heatseekers catalogue. In addition to Nef the Pharaoh, Saint Chri has gone to collaborate with various artists in the bay area and across the country such as Young Gully, Dave Steezy, Phil Ade, Dax, Jag, and many more.


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